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CertIDR is an on demand insight into mediation and international arbitration for students, lawyers and business professionals across the world.

Mock Mediation: Travel Dispute

This programme has been put together by Hunt ADR to demonstrate to those involved in the travel sector how a relatively simple dispute can be resolved using mediation. The programme consists of a series of videos leading viewers through the different stages of the mediation process and is purposefully kept simple so it can be used to illustrate the different stages of mediation without being too complex for those who have had no previous exposure to mediation.

Case Law for Mediation

Led by Hunt ADR Associate Mediator Rob Langley, this course provides students with all they need to know about relevant case law for mediation and a CPD certificate for 1 hours ADR related CPD.

Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution

The Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution is an on demand entry level insight into mediation for students and business professionals in the UK. Disputes are inevitable in business yet students rarely gain exposure to dispute resolution techniques which will make them more valuable to employers. Whether it be a career in Law, Business or Education, understanding when ADR can be useful and how to apply it will help make you stand out from the crowd.

Foundation in Mediation & ADR

Using the lastest AI driven technology, this course covers mediation stages, dispute psychology, negotiation strategies, and conflict resolution techniques. Participants learn the mediator's role and skills to guide parties toward mutual resolutions.
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